What rare Nike shoes have recently released?

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The most prominent rare Nike shoes usually fly under the radar. However, recently the world has been buzzing about the Nike Air Mag, the sneakers created for the movie Back to the Future 2. 1500 pairs of these shoes were created exclusively for auction on the site eBay, with 100% of the proceeds going towards the Michael J. Fox Foundation, a charity created by the actor from Back to the Future to fund research for a cure for Parkinson's Disease. Since the start of the auctions, each pair has sold for an average of $6000, with Google co-founder Sergey Brin pledging to match every donation up to $50 million. Not only were these shoes one of the most coveted pieces of footwear art, but they were for a great cause.

Events all around the globe were held to celebrate the shoe and announce its arrival, creating a buzz unlike which anyone has seen for a shoe. The Nike Air Mag will go down in history has a future-changing shoe, not only from the film, but also in the fight against Parkinson's.

Another pair of rare Nike shoes are the ever occasional Air Jordan retros. Jordan Brand, an subsidiary of Nike, re-releases classic sneakers from the past to new and returning Michael Jordan fans. In the past two years, Jordan Brand has taken the initiative to retro some of the most iconic sneakers from Michael Jordan's career. Two of these, the Air Jordan III and Air Jordan XI, have been coveted by sneaker collectors and basketball fans for years, and finally they were able to be purchased to a general customer after years of hiding. Fans have lined up days in advance at their favorite sneaker stores for these shoes, and Jordan Brand has continued to satisfy customers by releasing new colorways every year. The Air Jordan retro line will remain the bread and butter of Jordan Brand's quarterly release schedule.

Related to Jordan Brand in a sense, Nike's skateboarding division also recently released a sneaker inspired by an Air Jordan sneaker. Modeled after the classic "Space Jam" Air Jordan XI, the Space Jam Dunk SB released this past summer to much hype. The limited supply of the shoe caused an uproar in the sneaker community, leading to disappointed customers at stores like Advantis Ride in Arcadia, CA and Active in Brea, CA. Resale value for the sneaker instantly skyrocketed once the stock was depleted, as some people purchased multiple pairs of the sneaker in order to re-sell for profit. Although having retailed at $90, the sneaker can easily be found reaching prices up to $300 online.

With that said, the sneaker community has seen a sort of boom in the last two years, slowly peaking because of classic shoe re-releases and exciting new releases to come.

Nike's business model continues to improve, as does their technology. Soon, customers will see retros of sneakers that were introduced today, and fans who had missed a chance to purchase them in the past may be able to in the future.

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